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June 16th was my Mother's 80th Birthday. So, my younger brother, Victor, flew me to Philadelphia, where he and my Mom picked me up and we drove to the Jersey Shore for the weekend.

One of his lifetime buddies, Jeff. decided to settle down at The Jersey Shore.
So, he bought himself this condo on the 16th floor overlooking the Margate beach.

These 3 pics are the view from his balcony.

This is my brother Victor.

These are the Flowers of Margate.


Our 1st stop was his lovely 3 bedroom vacation home in a small town just south of Margate called Longport.


This is my Mom, Aniita.

I took this pic of the smiling water tower for my daughter Bella.

This is Lucy The Elephant. She is a very old landmark that welcomes visitors to Margate.
She is a major attraction AND a Hotel.

That's my mom - actual size.

I had no idea that her eyes glowed at night until now.

Chef Vola Restaurant. Enter on the left side into the basement. This place is so fancy, you have to be on a special list to even get reservations. The food is beyond belief.

Vic and Jeff, Mr. Condo.


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