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G to X Rated Interactive Comedy & Music and No One Gets Offended.

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Clean/Family Entertainment

Vintage Entertainment

An Interactive and Motivational Show where the Audience is The Star.
Comedy and Music for Weddings, Seniors, Convalescents, Golf Clubs, Country Clubs, Tennis Clubs, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, Foster Homes, Synagogues, Unions, Womens' Groups, Feminists, Mens' Groups, Biker Clubs, Companies, Bar Mitzvahs, Children's Parties, Holiday Parties, Private Parties, Festivals, Sales Seminars for Selling and Motivation, and Fraternal Organizations. If people get together somewhere, I can entertain them. They will be laughing, singing, and, maybe, dancing.




Perry Kurtz is
Recommended by Mark Lonow of  The L.A. Improv for

Comedy & Humor Training


Find Perry almost everywhere

 Under "perrykurtz". Duh!



"Kurtz was unstoppable. Even the natives feared him."
Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now


"If I was as funny as Perry Kurtz, maybe I wouldn't abuse my wives."
Charlie Sheen, Malibu County Jail.



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  Perry Kurtz at The Laugh factory

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Perry raps and dances on lLet's Make A Deal
On Let's Make A Deal


I hosted this show with Harry Anderson, Kevin Pollack, and Robin Williams. I'm the one in the middle in the Tuxedo

Bella sings Shut Up and Dance with Me 






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If you are having an event and need
Really Funny Non-Offensive Humor


Best in Customized Entertainment and Humor Motivation

Providing totally original shows created
on-the-spot about the attendees and
whatever they are doing AS they do it.


It's my New Karaoke Documentary

Bella and I jam at The Hanger Grille on Mondays around 9. I sing. She plays drums.

Since you're here, please sign my guestbook

Wednesday August 30th at

watch ad
Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap
@King King
6555 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Email me for Free tickets.


Friday October 13th at 10pm in
The 2017 Ventura Comedy FestivalVentura Comedy Festival - Laughter by the Sea

The Dirty Dozen Show
in the
Ventura Harbor
Comedy Club
Green Room Lounge

1559 Spinnaker Drive #205A, Ventura, CA 93001
Phone 805.644.1500

Buy your tickets here: for the Dirty Dozen Show

Blinking LightSundays start at The Foxfire Room for Karaoke around 10pm.
12516 W Magnolia Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607. Phone: (818) 766-1344.

Then, after 12:00am Oaks LofoI am doing MORE Karaoke at
The Oaks Tavern
13625 Moorpark St. at Woodman,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
No cover. Free Parking. Full Bar. Free Popcorn and Iced Water.
And the best looking young women in the Valley!

Blinking LightMondays at 9:00pm I  am at
The Hanger Grille
 jamming with the Band. I sing. And Bella plays drums. Not bad for a 12 year old, huh?
No cover charge. Great food. Great musicians.
It starts at 7, runs to 10. Free parking on Magnolia Blvd.
3821 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. Phone (818)842-5250. Reservations: opentable.com
hangar 3

Then around 9:30, we go to
The Park Bar & Grill
leading the band while I create a blues song about the audience's activities, and Bella plays drums again. The crowds love her.
And for someone with no lessons, she kills it!
We usually get on around 10pm.
No cover. Great Snacks & Full Bar. And Devon, the amazingly tall, beautiful, talented singer-songwriter and Bartender, that sings and dances WITH the band WHILE she tends bar.
Address: 2007 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506.
Phone: (818) 557-6561 (see video below)

The Park Bar & Grill Website


Blinking Light Then, after 12:00am Oaks Lofo
I am usually at

The Oaks Tavern
13625 Moorpark St. at Woodman,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
No cover. Free Parking. Full Bar. Free Popcorn and Iced Water. Karaoke 7 nights a week. And I have an amazing following that makes me feel like a god every time I walk in.

Plus, it's mostly attractive young women from 21 to 30 and they
are extremely nice to me.
On Tuesdays The Oaks is Live Acoustic Band Karaoke where you sing while backed up by 2 guys on acoustic guitars. The crowd is laid back and intermingles with each other much more.

Blinking Light In fact, almost ALL nights except Saturdays, I shoot over to my Favorite stomping grounds around Midnight,
The Oaks Tavern
13625 Moorpark St. at Woodman,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Blinking Light Wednesdays for Karaoke
The Foxfire Room
around 10pm with Crazy Eddie Driscoll
as Karaoke Host. 12516 W Magnolia Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607. Phone: (818) 766-1344.
Then to The Oaks (again) around Midnight on Moorpark at Woodman

 Blinking Light Fridays I start at The Cork
for Karaoke around 10pm in Corkys Restaurant,
at 5043 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California 
(818) 788-5110.
Then to The Oaks (again) around Midnight on Moorpark at Woodman, with occasional stops at The Barrel,
4547 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, until closing.

Blinking Light for 7 years, Fridays at
The Barrel
It's the top Dive Bar in the Valley, 4547 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, 91403,
usually arriving around 11pm. And back again around 1am after the Oaks.


Then back to
The Oaks Tavern on Moorpark.
Yes. I am at The Oaks six nights a week.

Here's a typical night at The Oaks for me. (Adult images)



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