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Humor Services

Entertaining AND training people to be funny and use humor to improve business and life.


If you need humor to spice up your life, nights, or workplace, these are the services to bring laughter where you want it.

For any of these services, use the link at the left side of the page to email me. Or click here.


Event Entertainment:
I offer a Comedy show featuring custom material written JUST for your occasion, from G to R rated for up to and over an hour. This show includes music, dance, video, stand up, characters, sound effects, and more. I can also produce shows or roasts, and appear as your host or Emcee to make your occasion memorable for all.


Learn To Be Funny:
Become a comedian or just seem like one. Learn all you need to be a working comic, or the funniest of all cohorts.


Humor Motivation:
Your employees will learn to be funnier and positive by finding more humor in life which enables them to enjoy work and their lives from a fresh new perspective.


Book A Comedian:
Do you need a comedian to entertain your guests, or an Emcee to keep the show exciting? I have dozens of Local and National Comedians and Magicians available, and have been booking all types of events for over 20 years.

Sales Training:
Your employees will learn to use humor to close sales as well as techniques to stay focused and develop strong client and personal relationships.


Senior & Convalescent Entertainment:
Perry Entertains the Seniors
I have developed a 40 to 50 min. interactive and motivational Comedy and Music Show for Seniors and convalescents. it begins with some comedy material, and leads to the audience being interviewed and talking about themselves. Then a few sing-alongs, and I pull out a custom-made electric guitar and create a song about whatever the audience is doing as they do it, then they sing along and dance in their seats by extending their fingers.


I can help you to punch up a speech, presentation, or written piece with humor to make it exciting and enjoyable for it's viewers.


Public Speaking:
Learn how to grab a crowd and reel them in. You'll learn to be entertaining regardless of what you have to say. AND get over "Stage Fright".


I am also available to be your
Most-Fun Companion on whatever journey you're on...



More services are available on request.

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