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Perry Kurtz - Corporate Comedian, Host & Keynote Speaker in Hollywood and Beyond.
Off the Wall, Off the Cuff, On-The-Spot, and Never Forgotten
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Newspaper Articles

Perry gets a Hot Reception in Korea
2005 Northeast Times Article

The LA Downtown News
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Philly Write-up in The Northeast Times
Philadelphia Times Newspapers
Philadelphia Daily News
Front Page of the San Jose Mercury News
Greenville's Creative Loafing "Week at A Glance"
EZ Reader Article, Los Angeles  
More EZ Reader - Experienced Only
Holy City Zoo Closes w/Robin Williams - SF Chronicle   
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Exxon Mobil Farewell Party
Santa Monica Pier Holiday Party Reference
Redondo Beach Jaycees
Principal of Torrance Adult School
Synagogue Reference Letter
Moose Reference Letter
Elks Reference Letter

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