Live Concert Slides Taken by Perry
in Philadelphia 1973-1977.  Many taken within
10 feet of the performer.

Many more and 8x 10 Prints available on Request.

Billy Joel, Philly 1975   Billy Joel, Philly Spectrum, 1975 

Bruce Springsteen @ Widener College 1974
Bruce Springsteen at his First Out-of-New Jersey show
Bruce Springsteen @ Widener College 1974Bruce sings Rosalita
          Bruce Springsteen @ Widener College 1974

Bonnie RaittBonnie Raitt
                                            Bonnie Raitt, Philly 1975

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Bob Dylan & The BandBob Dylan & The BandLou ReedLou Reed sings Sweet JaneJerry Garcia & Bob Weir
    Bob Dylan & The Band 1976                                     Lou Reed                            Jerry Garcia 
                                                                                                                                                                                & Bob Weir

George BensonLeon RedboneTom WaitsFrank ZappaFrank Zappa
    Benson                  Redbone     Tom Waits                     Frank Zappa              


More available of each performer. Let me know who you want and I'll email you samples.