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The World is Quarantined
There are no in-person shows scheduled anywhere.
And people really need some Joy.

I AM the Laughter
Perry on The Late Late Show with James Corden

These days, you can't go almost anywhere. And anywhere you DO go, you have to wear a mask.
BUT, you can Hire Perry to do a Live Interactive Virtual Show at YOUR location. So, no matter WHERE you are, I can be in your room(s) performing WITH your people. And no one has to wear a mask or social distance.
That means I broadcast LIVE to your TV or computer screen(s) thru the internet, and you set up your phone, or computer on Zoom, so I can see and hear your audience, people, guests, employees, family, of any size, to give them a personalized interactive Comedy & Music Show created on-the-spot about and with your people. THEY will be the stars of the show.
Contact me here:
Get your people happy and motivated.
When the quarantine is over, I can come to YOUR location, and create an on-the-spot party with your people.
All show content is for ALL ages per YOUR specific needs


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(as a paid performer) *=Headliner
Catch A Rising Star - Bally's, Las Vegas
The Coach House* - San Juan Capistrano CA
The Comedy Cabarets*, Phila. PA
The Comedy Connexion* - Lansing, MI
The Comedy Isle - San Diego, CA
The Comedy Store (All Rooms as Paid Regular) Hollywood & La Jolla, CA
The Comedy Underground* - Seattle & Spokane WA
The Comedy Works* - Philadelphia, PA
The Comedy Zone Circuit* - AL*, AR*, Bahamas*, FL*, GA*, LA*, NC*, SC*, VA*
The Comic Strip - FL, NY & *El Paso, TX
Dangerfields* - NY & Las Vegas
The Galaxy Theater* - Santa Ana. CA
Giggles* - Seattle, WA
Rooster T Feathers, Sunnyvale, CA*
The Holy City Zoo* - San Francisco
The Ice House, Pasadena
Igby's - Los Angeles, CA
The Improvs - San Francisco, San Jose, & Los Angeles

The Laugh Factory - Hollywood
The Punchlines - CA, FL, GA, & SC
And much more on Request



























Send your questions, comments, Pictures, videos, and suggestions to:


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  and I will record a song made up JUST for you and send it
directly to you.

Perry Kurtz is Recommended by Mark Lonow of The L.A. Improv for
Comedy & Humor Training





"Perry Kurtz is VERY unusual. Before he even speaks a word, there are four minutes of continuous laughter. He possesses the `boy-next-door' quality, like Dana Carvey and Kevin Pollack, that makes you laugh at/with him. Every show is as unique as he is. Outrageous, strange, yet extremely likable, Perry Kurtz is a performer who MUST be seen to be believed."
San Francisco Calendar Magazine


"Kurtz was unstoppable. Even the natives feared him."
Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now

"If I was as funny as Perry Kurtz, maybe I wouldn't abuse my wives."
Charlie Sheen, Malibu County Jail.

For Clean Comedy
or Speaking
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Vintage Entertainment

Vintage Entertainment





Book the Funniest and Most Original Comedian EVER

Book Perry Now!
It's ALWAYS a new show.
or Use his Humor Training to
Make Your Personal & Business
Life More Fun.
I can teach you to always be the life of ANY party, be "The Bomb" on the sales floor, stay focused and motivated, how to be naturally funny, and get EVERY joke.

What's The Perrycycle?









If you would like me Perry appear at YOUR local club, call them and ask if & when Perry will be there.(Be clever)
THEN, write Perry at, and he'll call or email them.
When he's coming to town, he'll send
you a PerryGram and get
you and a friend in free.


Winner of The "Most Hilarious Standup Comedian" Award
for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013 

from The LA Comedy Awards

Perry get the L.A. Comedy Award For best comedian


  Perry Kurtz - Los Angeles Clean Stand Up Comedian for hire at Entertainers WorldwideOffering virtual services

Corporate Comedian
Perry Kurtz


If you need Real Funny,


Best in Customized G to X-Rated Humor Entertainment, Motivation, & Public/Keynote Speaking



Perry is an International multi-media performance artist and educational speaker.
Providing intuitive and unique, on-the-spot, in-the-moment quality comedy entertainment & keynote speaking, hosting, writing, comedy and humor training, motivation, and has been earning a full time living at it since 1974.


Headlining Around the World and Seen on
ABC, The Tonight Show,
Let's Make A Deal, America's Got Talent,
The Late Late Show with James Corden,
The New Gong Show,

The Game Show Network, & Comedy Central

Every show is different, based on and
 WITH the audience in attendance.
THEY are the stars.

Winner on Let's Make A Deal 2014
Finalist in L.A.'s Funniest Comedian Competition 2008 at The Improv Los Angeles
1st Winner on
Winner of The Most Hilarious Standup Comedian
in The LA Comedy Awards 2009, 2010, & 2011
Winner on The Love Connection 1985
Featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden
Writer & Guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Every Monday Live Online, at 7:30pm pst,
It's The PFunny Show with Real Professional Comedians VERY LIVE on Zoom.
Zoom link:


What if you and the people in your life were happier, got along and communicated better, and were more productive?
Now you can have HUMOR ENRICHMENT where Perry will enlighten you and your people on "Funny", Why and how is it funny, and how to bring more humor into yourself AND your lives. You and your people will become naturally funny, improvise (think-on-your-feet), and this will change everything. Some will even become better sales people.

And everyone likes funny people.




America's Got Talent July 9, 2013


Comedian Perry Kurtz has opened/featured for,
or followed=% Comedians: 
Robin Williams%(13 times), Rick Overton%(9x), Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield%(11x), Milton Berle%, Sam Kinison%(6 times), Andrew Dice Clay%(9 times), Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Chapelle, Rosanne Barr, Tom Arnold, Kevin Pollack, Kevin Meaney%(8x), Eddie Griffin%, Dana Carvey%, Richard Pryor%(9x), Paula Poundstone, Paul Mooney%(12 times), Rosie O'Donnel, Larry Miller, Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg%, and Bob Saget. 

Comedian Perry Kurtz has opened for Musicians: 
The Blue Oyster Cult, The Greg Allman Band, The Tubes, Chris Isaak, Maggie Mayall, The Village People, The Dead Kennedys 
AND has sung his "Narrational Improv Blues", based purely on what the audience is doing as it happens, with: 
The Greg Allman Band (twice), Huey Lewis and The News, The Tommy Castro Band, The Tubes, Chris Isaak, WAR (twice, once with Robin Williams), Warren Haynes, Hootie and The Blowfish (before they were famous), Great White (before the fire), Clarence Clemmons (Bruce Springsteen), The Jefferson Starship, Fleetwood Mac, Sammy Hagar (who backed Perry up on Perry's guitar),
& B.B. King

Every Saturday is "Drive Up Comedy" in the parking lot between The Noho Diner at 11329 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 and The Sherwin-Williams Paint Store, in North Hollywood starting at 7pm until we run out of comics. The Noho Diner stays open for amazing food, and to let us all use the bathrooms until 10pm.
You can sit in your car as we broadcast the show into your car radio. Pull up. Park. And enjoy a live REAL comedy show. BYOB.
And it's FREE.

Watch for me at 22 seconds in, in the
New commercial.
But watch quick. I'm gone in 2 seconds


Happy News with Perry Kurtz podcast,
with video, where I interview working & famous musicians, comedians, and real people about
where they came from and how/why they got to here.


More shows on the  Schedule pages


Perry hugs Jay Leno
on The Tonight Show





My Karaoke Documentary

My Big YouTube Hit
(not recommended for small children, parents, or clergy)

This video has over 2.4 Million views since Feb. 6, 2012.
You gotta read the comments. They are hysterical!

Please be aware that the content of this video is not indicative
of the content of my act, unless that's what is requested.


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