Perry Kurtz

Comedian and Corporate Trainer

Humor Seminars to Enable Positivity and Productivity at Work and in Life 


veryone knows how good it feels to make someone laugh. Funny people are a pleasure to work with and generally positive and proactive. Your employees can use humor to improve their work AND home life. They will be eager to work and eager to return.

Everyone needs motivation.

In this era of economic uncertainty, employees are concerned about their careers due to pressures on and off the jobsite. Sales people are always on edge trying to get that next big sale while attempting to get over that last bad call. Workers are concerned about job performance and company downsizing. Employers need dedicated workers and continued productivity.

For the past 45+ years, I have been a professional comedian appearing in thousands of venues across the country. I perform at private, public, and corporate functions as an entertainer providing a customized show for each event. Over the past 8 years, I have also been a corporate salesman for different computer companies in the Los Angeles area. 

During that time, I found that people I worked with began to have more fun while at work. We all know that laughter helps us to relax and has been proven to relieve stress, and, even pain. Because my fellow employees were becoming more relaxed due to my influence, they found it easier to stay focused on the task at hand and enjoy their work.

Through the experience of selling myself, as a comedian to hundreds of nightclubs and agents, I learned the anguish of rejection and the pleasure of pursuing a contact to get myself booked. Or, as they say in business, “closing the sale.” I found that, over time, I had defined specific patterns for cold calling and developing solid relationships with my contacts. Because of this experience, I became a consistent closer working on new and bigger opportunities. I developed a dedicated account base with clients that no longer asked price, but rather, “how soon will it be here?” I shared this insight with my closer co-workers and found that these techniques worked well for them also.

  After noticing a marked increase in morale and productivity, my employer asked if I could teach the sales people and other workers about my discoveries. As I had already been teaching comedy classes at Los Angeles Adult Schools, mostly to people that simply wanted to be funnier, I felt that combining humor with sales techniques would enhance the experience. The response was overwhelming. People approached to me daily thanking me for helping them to appreciate the funny things in life and using the humor to feel better and stay focused. 

Happy People = Productive People

Why HUMOR Training?

When a person makes someone else smile or laugh, they feel good because they have brightened another’s life. This increases one’s self-esteem immeasurably

These seminars teach people to enjoy life by understanding why things are funny and using humor to feel better, which will enhance their lives and the lives of those around them. I show them how to stay happy, focused, and return to work eager and excited.  

Seminar subjects can include:

      Why is it funny?

      How am I funny?

      When is it NOT funny?

      Working in harmony

      Telephone techniques; getting through to the client; listening and responding

      Dealing with rejection

      Getting started and keeping the motor running smoothly

      Staying focused and positive

      Developing business relationships and reading the client

      Closing the sale

      Repeat sales

      Group Improvisation

Seminar Descriptions:

1. General Humor Education – Motivation for all employees to enjoy work and life.

2. Humor and Sales – People buy from people they like and finessing the close

3. Enhancing Phone Techniques- for anyone that uses a phone in business

Seminars can be combined, and run one to eight hours.

Pricing varies depending upon attendees, location, and duration.