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"Perry Kurtz is VERY unusual. Before he even speaks a word, there are four minutes of continuous laughter. He possesses the `boy-next-door' quality, like Dana Carvey and Kevin Pollack, that makes you laugh at/with him. Every show is as unique as he is. Outrageous, strange, yet extremely likable, Perry Kurtz is a performer who MUST be seen to be believed."
San Francisco Calendar Magazine

"Kurtz was unstoppable. Even the natives feared him."

Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now

"If I was as funny as Perry Kurtz, maybe I wouldn't abuse my wives."
Charlie Sheen, Malibu County Jail.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007 KST 23:13 (GMT+9)

Giggles, chuckles and full-throated belly laughs filled an underground bar thick with smoke in the bustling Itaewon district on Sunday evening. Along with a yell ? “Yeehaa!"

“When we have bad things in our life, we talk about it. And if they laugh, they feel better,” Kurtz said, “because we are the ones hurt, not them.”
“The only time in our lives when we really feel we are doing what we’re born to do is when we make people laugh,” Kurtz said. “It is the most unbelievably rewarding thing that I’ve ever known, because when you are in front of an audience that is laughing, they love you.”
Asked if he plans a special celebration, Kurtz shook his head. “As long as I get paid for doing this, as long as I am allowed to do what I love, it’s special,” Kurtz said. “It’s always special. Every show is just as special as the last one.”
By Moon Gwang-lip Staff Writer

Weds. May 27, 2004
Perry Pleasing...
By Elizabeth Stieber
Northeast Times Staff Writer

At a Perry Kurtz comedy routine, the audience can expect some or all of the following in his stand-up routine: sound effects, video, improvisation, audience participation, musical performance and even a little strip-tease parody. In other words, expect the unexpected.
“Sometimes, they laugh and I don’t know why they’re laughing,” Kurtz said last week in a telephone interview from Los Angeles, his current residence.

San Jose Mercury Feb. 26, 2001
Front Page, Main Article: California's Energy Crisis - in the middle of the energy crisis...
"A Los Angeles comedian, Perry Kurtz, says PG&E now officially stands for 'Power Grid Envy.'"


The Night the Holy City Zoo Closed

"I'm sad," said Robin(Williams). " We had wonderful times here, strange times here; this wasn't a haven, it was a game preserve. But a lot of that is in the past. So many changes." Comic Perry Kurtz, who followed Williams, rented a chain saw to carve the stage wall into souvenirs. "I'd give (former Zoo manager John) Cantu's right arm to keep this club open," he said. 

"Perry Kurtz is VERY unusual. Before he speaks a word, there are five minutes of continuous laughter. Each show is as unique as he is and just as bold. He possesses a natural `Boy-Next-Door` wholesome quality, like Dana Carvey and Kevin Pollack, that makes you laugh at/with him. Kurtz is a performer who MUST be seen to be believed."
San Francisco Calendar Magazine

October 1, 2003
Hello Perry,
Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful services. All of the ExxonMobil employees and dealers had a great time. The show was great and I really appreciate you doing such a good job. My butt was on the line and you came through for me. 
Once again, thanks......you are a walking joke.
Martin Andriassian
Robert's ExxonMobil Auto Service of Glendale

January 2, 2003

Dear Perry,
A great big thank you for adding such a special entertainment element to Pacific Park's annual holiday party. As you know, I always try to personalize some sort of gift to my key managers, and your customized comedy routine was a great new way of celebrating with the group. You were very clever turning my brief comments into a very entertaining presentation.

I also appreciated your keen sensitivity to people's feelings and the appropriateness of your material. I would recommend you
to anyone looking for special and unique form of company entertainment. Thanks again and happy 2003.

Marianne Powell.
Santa Monica Amusements, LLC

Redondo Beach Jaycees
200 North Pacific Coast Highway
Redondo Beach, Ca 90277
October 14, 1996
Dear Perry,
On behalf of the Redondo Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees), I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to you for so graciously performing during our Comedy Nite III fundraiser. Your performance was very entertaining. The Mariah Carey intro was classic. You had people laughing hysterically before you had said one word. We appreciate you donating your precious time and energy for us and making Comedy Nite III an event we will all remember.

Tiffany J. Anthony
Comedy Nite III Chairperson

Torrance Adult School, Torrance, CA, 90501. July 22, 2001

To whom it may concern,
Perry Kurtz was employed by Torrance adult school from June 2000 2 July 2001. He came it was highly recommended by the Culver City adult education principal party taught comedic skills for individuals to develop their personal comedy skills and skills to use humor in the professional workplace.

Perry's classes were innovative and interactive. He was very intuitive and sensitive in his relationship with his students. He was quick to pick up on the needs of his students, which varied from professional and personal.

Perry is the consummate professional, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Perry as a community education teacher.


Rick Long, Principal

To Whom It May Concern:
I hired Perry Kurtz to perform for a woman's charity group 
luncheon. Having seen Perry perform and MC at a local comedy 
club, I, as well as the group I was with, thoroughly enjoyed his 
array of talents - from intelligent and very clever comedy to musical 
abilities!  He is a very talented individual and exceptionally 
professional. He was a tremendous hit,  needless to say!
Easygoing, talented, flexible and reliable are the words that come 
to mind in my experiences with Perry. I would highly recommend 
Perry for any kind of event, or age group. 
I have passed his name along to many people who I know would 
also be happy to have him perform at their events!
Ava Better
Chairperson, Donor Event
Shomrei Torah Synagogue
West Hills, California

Dear Fellow Elks,

On Friday, July 27, Perry Kurtz brought a wonderful 2-hour comedy show to our Canoga Park Lodge for our members. Not only did he bring in 4 other top level comedians to entertain us, but he, as master of ceremonies, opened the show with almost 30 minutes of material he had written specifically for our members, based on information we had supplied him with in advance.


I recommend Perry Kurtz as a valuable entertainer and producer, fully capable of supplying any organization with an excellent evening of comedy.


Truly Yours,

Dave DeLozier
Canoga Park Elks Lodge





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