Vintage Entertainment
By Perry Kurtz
Providing Clean Interactive Public/Keynote/Motivational Speaking
written for your event, and Humor Education/Coaching
Plus Personalized Comedy & Music for Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Private and Corporate Events, Seniors, Convalescents, Unions, Schools, Colleges, Children & Everyone Else

Perry Kurtz is The #1 Provider of Funny Interactive Non-Offensive
Speaking, Entertainment and Motivation for Any Event and Everyone!

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What Services Does Perry Offer?

I provide Interactive and Motivational Comedy and Music Entertainment for ANY event, including Seniors and Senior Organizations, Convalescent and Nursing Homes and Hospitals, private events & parties, Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, Divorces, Bar & Bas Mitvahs. All types of parties. All material is G Rated unless requested otherwise.

I start my show by introducing myself with a joke, and tell some stories about MY life, getting older and celebrating life.

I explain that THEY are the reason I am there and the focus for my show. Then I talk to members of the group about who has a birthday that month. that are the oldest, the youngest, from the furthest away, the newest, Veterans, the couples, the notorious or well known in the group for one reason or another (outspoken, trouble makers, dancers, singers, very popular), to get them to open up about themselves, while coaxing the others to chime in. This brings them into the show.
The goal is to make them feel part of this special group.

Then we sing some songs together, and I close by taking out a keyboard and creating an improvised song about whatever they are doing AS they are doing it, and getting THEM to sing along. I get them singing, waving their arms, and as close to dancing as they can get. I leave them remembering that they WERE active during the show, and feeling like they got their OWN show.

All the while I am reminding them to look forward to tomorrow, talk to each other, stay active, enjoy life, and Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.

I provide Comedy and Hosting for all types of events, clubs, parties, and festivals.
Material varies from G to X Rated depending on the producers' needs.
Material is specially written for each performance.

Perry introduces members of the groupThese shows are created to YOUR needs. I usually start by "roasting" the upper echelon (main members), move into 45 years of tried and true TASTEFUL material,

talk to the crowd about who is celebrating this month,

get the crowd involved with some improvisational games, and close by making up a song about whatever the crowd is doing AS they do it, while getting them to sing along.

No two shows are the same as every crowd is different and reacts differently.

And material is always appropriate for the ages and mindsets of that group.

Humor Education
And NOW, you and your people can be humorized. I will coach you or your people on what is funny, why it is funny, and how to BE funny. This will allow everyone to be less stressed, and, not only will they get along better, but they will be more productive, because they are happy. This humor training is especially great for HR & sales people.

The bottom line is, the funny people get all the attention.

With Robin Williams in 1984 On Let's Make A Deal At The Improv Comedy Club
With Mrs. "G" At the Laugh Factory Entertaining 2800 people at an energy convention 1994
Hugging my old boss

If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts about myself or these pages,
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