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The Comedy Isle - San Diego, CA
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Giggles* - Seattle, WA                    
The Holy City Zoo* - San Francisco
The Ice House, Pasadena                
Igby's - Los Angeles, CA
The Improvs - San Francisco & Los Angeles
The Laugh Factory - Hollywood       
The Punchlines - CA, FL, GA, & SC  
Rooster T Feathers, Sunnyvale, CA*           
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"Kurtz was unstoppable. Even the natives feared him."

Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now


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Perry Kurtz Biography
Perry Kurtz was born (?) in 1951 in Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital at 2:32am at an undisclosed weight. As a 10-year-old Cub Scout (they had no membership restrictions in those days), he briefly entered the entertainment arena when he threw his voice into a sock and began giving puppet shows (at gunpoint) at local playgrounds. (Therapy was later provided to the children free of charge)

 Graduating from Northeast High School in 1968, he attended The Hussian School of Commercial Art in downtown Philly. After graduating in 1972 (and paying off his instructors to pass him), he began freelancing for national label companies producing finished art for Pepsi, Tab, Sprite, Levi Strauss, Gerber, and Polaroid, including the design of the Seven Up "bubble pattern" logo in '73(for a measly 300 bucks) (Really!!). In 1974, he became the art director of a religious publishing house just outside of Philly, making an outrageous amount of money.

After a year of high-pressure, a nervous breakdown from overwork, and people constantly asking, "What are you? A comedian?", his close friends suggested that he should (just leave town or) get into comedy. He entered a talent show at The Crazy Horse Saloon in Barrington, New Jersey, taking a $500 first prize for just babbling away. (Hey, it was Jersey). He quit the day job, took a comedy workshop (cash upfront) and lived on his savings until 1979. Then, with his last $200, a suitcase, electric guitar, and roller skates he equipped with headlights, he decided to take BOTH suggestions and moved to San Francisco to become a “real” comedian.

Three months later he got his first paying "gig" was as the emcee and manager at the, now closed, Off Broadway Male Burlesque Club on Broadway in North Beach. A few weeks later, at the request of screaming female patrons (they were blind), he gave birth to his "Comic Strip Routine" parody, which he occasionally opens with. (He only takes off his jacket and women STILL give him money). (Some offer more for him to put it back on)

In 1984, he left the "Broadway Scene" (which was nothing but sex and drugs, and AIDS had an official name) and pursued comedy in real comedy clubs on the road. A few years later, he was averaging 45 weeks a year headlining comedy clubs & corporate and private events across North America and Canada. He has performed at everything from tractor pulls to The National Organization of Women Convention in San Francisco in 1987, to The Black and White Ball at Louise Davies Hall in San Francisco for the then Vice-President George Bush Sr.

He has worked closely with and was very good friends with Milton Berle, Robin Williams (2 hours of one-one-one improv each week for over 6 years, and occasional shows in Los Angeles at The Improv), Rodney Dangerfield (headlined his NY room 4 times a year for 5 years), and has had numerous dinners with Bill Cosby where he met Rodney and Milton.  He was a writer and a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on Let’s Make A Deal, where he rapped and danced AND won, America’s Got Talent, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The New Gong Show, and national commercials including a Meiers spot during the Olympics.

Just before his birthday in 1989, he relocated to Los Angeles, when he became a paid regular (name is on the wall) at The Comedy Store, The Improv & The Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

He has taught comedy to over 2600 private students. Some wanted to be comedians. Some just wanted to be funny. In the past 25 years, he has become quite a sensation as a freestyle rapper, actually called "The Legend", who ONLY freestyles about whatever is happening in the room AS it happens, to ANY song, and has won 47 rap battles.

He still lives in Los Angeles, has been married since 1991 to the same woman, has 3 adult step-children, and his youngest child is 14 years old, who has become an amazing dancer (and occasionally performs with him). Perry still works as a corporate comedian, comedy consultant, humor motivator and instructor, public and keynote speaker, and continues to appear in comedy clubs, corporate & private events, Elk & Moose Lodges, Veterans Hospitals, senior & convalescent locations, and foster homes around the world. He has still not appeared on Jerry Springer.


Perry is Also the Star of "Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes" On Youtube which garnered over a million views in 41 days, and now has over 2.3 million views.

About Perry Kurtz  

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